Spam Policy:

Spam will not be tolerated at all on Escalating Biz. If you are found spamming to promote Escalating Biz your account will be terminated and your future participation will be banned. No questions asked.

What is spam?

Sending your information via email or in a forum post to people who do not specifically request your information.

If you purchase a list from anywhere, do not use any Escalating Biz urls to send your original message to that list. Those people have not requested information from you. You must first ask the prospect if they are interested in hearing about your business. Do not mention the name of the business. If they respond, requesting more information, then you can send them your url from Escalating Biz.

If someone spams you, you may not spam them back with information about Escalating Biz. It is still spam no matter who started it!

Do not change the Escalating Biz autoresponder letters to add your other programs. That is my email address on that autoresponder. Any other offers sent out in connection with my personal information is considered spam. We promise our members there will be no other offers. If you want to send out other offers to your list, make a new list with your name and your email address. You have unlimited autoresponders available to you at TrafficWave. Don't use the one attached to this business to spam your referrals.

Escalating Biz may only be advertised is ways that are legal and moral and appropriate to your audience.

If you are unsure if your advertising will be accepted for use with your Escalating Biz membership, ask first!



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